LIVEQuest is a research projects led by Dr. Yue Gao from Whitespace Machine Communication (WMC) Lab at Queen Mary University of London. We focus on developing theoretical research into practice in the interdisciplinary area antennas, signal processing, spectrum sharing, and Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications. This project brings together a mutually complementary and synergistic UK-China consortium, and provides the necessary financial support for this highly innovative, cross-disciplinary research and development project, aiming to address constraints of sustainable intensification of livestock production. A summary of the main technical objectives is as follows:

  1. Developing wearable IoT devices.
  2. Developing IoT gateway with edge computing.
  3. Building cloud-based data centres for big data analytics and cognitive response to farmers.
Project Consortium

The proposed project is a collaboration between 5 organisations: a Chinese RO-Guangxi Veterinary Research Institute (GVI), a Chinese SME-Talent Cloud (TC), a UK HEI-Queen Mary University London (QMUL), and two UK SMEs – BMCE Networks (BMCE) and Agsenze (AS), and University of Roehampton (Life Sciences). GVI and QMUL are lead partners for China and UK respectively.